A better MarketingProfs is here.

Here’s the inside scoop. You know us as industry leaders in marketing resources and education. And because we’re a magnet for a wide array of marketers—across B2B and B2C, company sizes, and industries—ours is a natural audience for your services and solutions. 

One thing we’ve learned after educating corporate marketers for 17 years is that those who are more engaged in advanced learning are more successful in their careers. Thus, they are also more able and willing to implement your technology or service. They’re the most receptive to hearing from companies like yours. 

So to better nurture those active marketing leaders, we’ve reorganized our content into the new MarketingProfs Campaign Framework. We’ve focused our training and resources around six crucial campaign elements—Strategy, Plan, Create, Communicate, Analyze, and Management. 

The goals? More subscribers actively pursuing cutting-edge skills and solutions. And sponsors (like you) with better access to high-quality, engaged leads. We’ve just rolled out brand new ways for you to interact with these marketers. Stay tuned for more insight into more changes to come.


:: Sharon Hudson
:: Vice President, Products
:: MarketingProfs