Maximize Your Podcast Sponsorship

With some preparation and planning, your sponsored spot can be the highlight of each episode!

Have something to discuss other than your product or service.

To help brands get the most benefit out of the sponsorship, I interview someone from the company about a topic that relates to the product or service. For instance, I might discuss email marketing best practices with an email service provider, but wouldn't spend the time discussing benefits and features of their product specifically. A research study or case study works well as a topic of conversation.

Choose an interviewee who's comfortable with the audio format.

Some people are uncomfortable being interviewed, and it comes across in the finished product. By contrast, if you choose someone accustomed to the give and take of an audio interview, the Q&A spot sounds as polished as the surrounding podcast interview!

Maximize audio quality

The most effective sponsored spots match the high audio quality of the rest of the podcast. Here are some quick tips for producing fantastic audio:

  • Record in a quiet area (not a hotel lobby or your company's main conference room with the open floor plan)
  • Use a quality microphone and computer or a USB headset
  • Connect your computer to the Internet using a wired connection (WiFi causes drops and distortions)
  • If you record the interview on a phone line, please make it a landline and avoid using speakerphone

Measure your results

Your website analytics can tell you (to an extent) how much traffic sends you, and you can see how much time those visitors spend on your site than the average user, but if you can get richer data (and you can), why not do it?

  • Offer a download (e.g. a whitepaper, study, checklist or guide)
  • Create a custom landing page so site visitors from the podcast know they're in the right place
  • Use a trackable short URL, so you can track click-throughs

Your MarketingProfs Marketing Smarts podcast host,