Blogging: Getting The Right Tone

When we discuss Content Creation, you'll hear us talk a lot about "voice." How it's important for us to understand your brand's established voice, how to choose the tone for your content, and how we work with you to make sure you're comfortable with what we pen. Here's an example of a blog post we wrote for Impartner where we employed their "knowledgeable but casual" tone to help their clients understand their purchase:


You Bought a MAP Solution! Now What?

Getting a new Marketing Automation Platform solution is a lot like getting a new tool kit. The moment you finish basking in its new-ness, you start looking for something—anything—to fix. As you DIY dads out there can testify, the urge to go and do something with your new tools is almost overpowering. It doesn’t matter if it’s tightening a few pipes or sending a few A/B emails. You want to take it out for a spin. And that’s okay.

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Still not sure what kind of tone would be right for your business blog? Our Content Creation experts can suss that out for you in no time - just holler at a Client Hero to get started.