Content Spotlight

Creating a Blockbuster Content Spotlight Campaign

Content Spotlight is simple: members see your content, they want your content, they fill out the lead form. MarketingProfs delivers a guaranteed number of highly qualified leads interested in what you have to offer. But in order for you to get the most out of this opportunity, it’s helpful to be prepared. Here’s how to get ready for your moment in the spotlight.

Useful, Actionable Content

We understand the temptation: you’ve now got access to this enormous audience, and it seems like a natural time to pitch the virtues of your product. Resist the urge! It’s a one-way ticket to Ignore-ville. The most effective way to get the most for your cost-per-lead investment is to give
this smart, hungry audience something absolutely delicious (and by delicious we mean useful and actionable). Think of that whitepaper you created that was a hit on social media or your ebook that’s downloaded regularly from your website—the marketing piece that people actually thank you for.

Not sure if your content fits the bill? We’ll let you know whether you’re a-ok or on the wrong
path, and can give you simple suggestions on how to make almost-there content better for
our readers. If you want, we can even write the piece for you.


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An example Content Spotlight email that we sent to our subscribers. This performed really well for Oracle, in large part due to their whitepaper's useful, actionable content.


A few more Dos and Don’ts for making your content awesometastic:

  • DO craft a clear and compelling title that helps readers know it’s meant for them.
  • DO keep it vendor neutral. This makes you the trusted resource on the topic rather than just another product pitch.
  • DON’T assume your audience has zero knowledge about your topic, but keep in mind they do want to learn.
  • DO make sure the information is actionable; provide clear blueprints and next steps.
  • DO tie your information to business results.
  • DON’T fill your content with jargon and acronyms—keep it conversational.
  • DO consider creating content around topics that are timely or trending right now to generate more interest.

Your content will appear as a Content Spotlight until the lead quota is reached, but you may also consider purchasing leads that may not meet all your original filter criteria, which are available for a lower cost. Talk to your Client Hero about options.

Targeted Custom Question

With Content Spotlight you have the opportunity to add a custom question for your leads to answer. This allows you to rank leads by how people answer the question. The more specific your question is, the better. For instance, instead of asking a yes/no question like “are you using an email service provider?”, try a more focused question, like “which email service provider do you use?”

You can have up to five answer options in a drop down menu your custom question. These are also good for “fill in the blank” style questions like “I’m looking to purchase an email solution in the next [time frame].”

When it comes to your custom question, keep in mind that when you ask for more information, you risk losing some people who just do not want to go to the trouble.

Bottom Line

A successful Content Spotlight hinges on 1) great, useful content and 2) targeted, custom question(s).

Now that you have these hot leads, the best thing you can do to realize their value is to have a solid follow-up plan in place. We’ve given you some seeds, now you have to water them.


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