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You may have gotten a taste of what Newsletter Ads look like in the Best Practices article, but I know you're yearning to see what your sponsorship of MarketingProfs Today will look like in its full glory when it arrives in 325,000 readers' inboxes. In 2016 we've expanded your sponsorship to a full 5-position takeover. Are you ready to sccccrrrrrroll?!


Our juicy content lovingly sandwiched between hearty slices of your ads. Relevant info surrounded by the warm embrace of your brand. Delicious stuff enrobed by...OK, you get the point. 5 slots, for 5 days, sent to 325,000 ravenous subscribers. That's a lot of Hungry Eyes (<you're welcome), people.


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How To Attract Newsletter Eyeballs

Ahh the MarketingProfs Newsletter (wistful sigh)...that's how everything began. Newsletter Ads in MarketingProfs Today (don't receive it yet? sign up here) are one of our best performing products, due in large part to the fact that we keep things super simple. We bring the content to our audience, so all you have to do is follow a few tips on how to get those folks to click on your ads:

Keep the ad simple

Overall less copy is better (e.g. one line/benefit) and make sure the point size of your font is easily readable.

Company logo should be prominent.

Feature a Strong CTA that pops (contrasting color to ad background).

And that's pretty much it!

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