Let’s face it: there’s no shortage of ebooks out there. So how can yours stand out? Our experienced writers and designers create eye-catching content that is helpful to your audience, supportive of your goals, and will make readers say, “Hey, check this out—I learned something new today!"

What You GET

  • Consultation to help determine a topic (if needed)
  • Kickoff with one of our seasoned writers
  • Opportunities to review the piece throughout the process
  • Branding on each page of the product and a company bio at the end
  • Flexibility in design to include your brand's colors or other visual elements
  • Fully designed, ready-to-distribute PDF
  • Ownership rights to the final product, which you are free to distribute through any channels


eBooks are extremely customizable. They can include graphics and photos and colors galore. They can include interviews and mini case studies. They can look like other ebooks you already have, or we can give them a completely unique look.