Just as a chef doesn’t end the meal after the appetizer, a content marketer doesn’t stop serving up great content when a lead becomes a buyer. That’s the prime time to educate your new user on how to get the most out of your products and services, or share recent findings, or present them with
solutions to common problems in a straightforward way.

What You GET

  • Consultation to help determine a topic (if needed)
  • Kickoff with one of our seasoned writers
  • Opportunities to review the piece throughout the process
  • Branding on each page of the product and a company bio at the end
  • Fully designed, ready-to-distribute PDF
  • Ownership rights to the final product, which you are free to distribute through any channels


Whitepapers are more text-focused and less visual than e-books. If our e-books are a buffet filled with colorful, easy-to-digest content, then our whitepapers are a more formal and linear sit-down affair for when your prospects are already
considering your services, or even to educate them post-purchase.